UrbanFarming.pl Conference

Unveiling the Gdańsk Lab and the Future of Urban Farms


On May 17, 2024, the Gdańsk Lab, one of the four Living Labs of the Feed4Food project, was showcased during a study visit as part of the “UrbanFarming.pl Conference on the Future of Urban Farms”. The conference, held at the Hevelianum on Gradowa Mountain, served as a dedicated platform for delving into innovative urban farming practices, fostering knowledge exchange, and inspiring the development of sustainable cities where agriculture is a fundamental component.

The event, a collaborative effort with various partners, marked a first for Gdańsk, Pomerania, and Poland. It successfully convened urban farming practitioners, local government representatives, business leaders, and green enthusiasts. The first day of the conference featured a presentation of Feed4Food, including a visit to the Gdańsk Lab. Attendees included Wojciech Żak (Foundation Your Role), Jan Feikema (AquaBlend), Wojciech Sroka (University of Agriculture in Krakow), and Jan Szpil, founder of URBAN FARM in Krakow (Krakowska Farma Miejska). The study visit showcased the vegetable garden, the stage of garden work and crops, and the main production workshops of the Lab.

One hundred and fifteen people attended the conference, a testament to the widespread interest in urban farming despite numerous concurrent events in the Tri-City area.

The agenda was packed with insightful events, including an opening by the event’s patrons: Deputy Mayor Monika Chabior, Director of the Department of Municipal Economy Olga Goitowska, and Vice President of the Gdańsk Economic Development Agency Marek Ossowski. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Professor Wojciech Sroka from the University of Agriculture in Kraków, a Polish partner of Feed4Food.

The conference provided a comprehensive exploration of sustainability in agriculture and food production, food safety, biodiversity, and old seed varieties. It also addressed the foundation of food security – local processing, cooperatives, and conscious consumer collaboration with farmers who prioritize soil health.

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