The Feed4Food Project

Feed4Food project aims at transforming urban food systems into sustainable, inclusive, and health-focused models. Our mission is to uplift vulnerable communities in four European cities – Greece, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania – by leveraging our Urban Agriculture Living Labs.


Our project stands on three foundational pillars:


  1. Living Labs: dedicated spaces for cultivating social vegetable gardens, urban farms, and community gardens.
  2. Central Knowledge & Learning Hub: analytical center where all data from the Living Labs are integrated and analyzed. It features a live dashboard that offers real-time insights into the performance of the Living Labs.
  3. Transition Strategy: This strategy ensures co-learning, co-mentoring, and mutual support among the Living Labs participants. It embodies the principle of inclusivity.

Our living Labs are in four towns: Bucharest (Romania), Gdansk (Poland), Drama (Greece), Strovolos (Cyprus)

In Bucharest we are creating a primary sources for fresh vegetables through vegetable greenhouses, strategically situated on the outskirts of various neighborhoods.

They embody our dedication to sustainable urban living and ensuring food security.

In Strovolos our facilities include a greenhouse, raised beds and planter boxes, and a shade net house. We are committed to organic agriculture and are in the process of obtaining organic certification. We have a yearly plan for plant growth, which includes more than 30 options.

In Gdansk Living Lab we are actively recruiting kitchen staff from among war refugees from Ukraine and socially marginalized individuals, we are setting up an efficient irrigation system for both tunnel and ground crops, we have planted garlic for research and development purposes, focusing on garlic extract. Our kitchen is ready for the processing line, we are developing a technological process for the extraction and production of a garlic and herbal extract and we are analyzing the level of active components in extraction results, the shelf life of extraction products, and the effectiveness of the extraction results on gut health through animal tests.

In Drama we are fostering sustainable communities and we focused on vulnerable groups including women, youth who have dropped out of school, and migrants. The Lab is working to brings fresh produce, improving production methods and crop choices, experimenting with various techniques to deliver high-quality organic and culturally appropriate products and contribute to the local economy.

more insights Conference

On May 17, 2024, the Gdańsk Lab, one of the four Living Labs of the Feed4Food project, was showcased during a study visit as part of the “ Conference on the Future of Urban Farms”. The conference, held at the Hevelianum on Gradowa Mountain, served as a dedicated platform for delving into innovative urban farming practices, fostering knowledge exchange, and inspiring the development of sustainable cities where agriculture is a fundamental component.

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