Promoting Sustainable, Inclusive, and Healthy City Food Systems


FEED4FOOD is a Driving Urban Transition project (DUT)
co-funded by the European Commission, that promotes sustainable, inclusive, and healthy city food systems.

Our cities network will involve five countries across south and east Europe: Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Poland. In these countries we are going
to work on three main pillars: 
Living Labs | Central Knowledge and Learning Hub | Transition Strategy
Our goal is to improve income and food security for vulnerable communities, optimising circularity and sustainability, generating eco-services.

FEED4FOOD project, Grant Agreement n° 101069506, has been funded by:  
National Centre for Research and Development (Poland), Research and Innovation Foundation (Cyprus), Dutch Research Council (Netherlands))
General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (Greece), UE Fiscdi (Romania) under the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership,
which has been co-funded by the European Union.