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About Us

Our project is driven by the communities themselves

Fostering innovation and governance for sustainable urban agriculture. We aim to promote a transition towards low-impact and regenerative practices, providing healthy and sustainable food to all city dwellers, with a particular focus on low-income consumers.

Advancing Low-Impact, Regenerative Practices for Healthy, Sustainable Food Access to All City Residents, Especially
Low-Income Communities

By championing local agriculture, growth, inclusivity, and sustainability, we are committed to supporting various vulnerable groups, including refugees, Roma and Sinti populations, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

The project kicked off in January 2024, it will last three years. Feed4Food is led by Dr. Lia van Wesenbeeck, Associate Professor of Development Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Director of Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies who coordinates ten partners from 6 countries.


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