We are pioneering a shift towards sustainable, inclusive, and healthy urban food environments.


Our mission is to empower vulnerable communities in four European cities—Greece, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania—through our innovative Urban Agriculture Living Labs.

Bucharest Living Lab (Romania)
Funded by the UEFiscdi Agency and under the management of the University of Bucharest.
Strovolos Living Lab (Cyprus)
Funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation.
Gdansk Living Lab (Poland)
A collaborative initiative funded by Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju w Warszawie and managed by Fundacja Twoja Rola, Aquablend Polska, and the
University of Agriculture in Krakow.
Drama Living Lab (Greece)
A collaborative initiative funded by General Secretariat for Research and Innovation and managed by the Democritus University of Thracia and Geri Lab, with the support of the Ladies Union of Drama.
Unity in Action

Our Partners

Unity in Action

The Three Pillars


Central Knowledge & Learning Hub:

All data collected from the Living Labs are analysed as an integrated system. Feed4Food will develop a live dashboard providing real-time information on the performance of the Living Labs.


Transition Strategy

it will provide co-learning, co-mentoring, and mutual support for the Living Labs participants, ensuring the sustainability of the Living Labs even after the project has ended.

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Inclusive and Diverse

By championing local agriculture, growth, inclusivity, and sustainability

Championing Sustainability
Fostering innovation and governance for sustainable urban agriculture.
Regenerative Practices
Promote a transition towards low-impact and regenerative practices, providing healthy and sustainable food to all city dwellers, with a particular focus on low-income consumers.